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Accounts and bookkeeping play an essential role in operating a business which every business owner usually neglected. Due to lack of expertise and resources, some of them do not practice or unable to maintain proper accounting records, and unsure whether they meet the authorities’ statutory requirements or not. Some of the startup business may not aware or not convinced by the significance of accounting function in a business which will lead to advantageous change and improve their business in different aspect, including daily operations and decision-making process.


According to Companies Act (Malaysia), it is mandatory for all the companies that are officially registered in Malaysia maintain and keep their accounting records properly. In addition, the directors of every company are obligated to prepare and circulate the audited financial statements to all the members within 18 months from the date of its incorporation or not later than 6 months of its financial year before they lodge the financial statements to SSM.


There are challenges for the business owners and directors to keep an eye tightly on the accounting function of the company when they are so occupied on the daily operation of the business and their multiple identities in other aspects. Hence, engaging with The Maker would be one of the best alternatives to lessen your burden and make your business life easier.

Free Consultation

How could we help you?

# 1

Enquiry and Consultation

  • Drop us an email on your enquiry and concern.
  • Arrange meetings and further discussion to understand the company’s nature and requirements.

# 2


  • Provide recommendations on accounting solutions as well as quotation packages we offered.

# 3

Setting up

  • Accounting software and Accounting work process has to be planned and established between client’s company and   The Maker.

# 4

Documents Collection and Sorting

  • After receiving the documents, sorting out the relevant documents into batches is necessary in order enter to the next stage.

# 5

Data entry and Management Accounts

  • Enter data into accounting software based on the documents furnish to us.
  • Prepare then submit Management Accounts by analyzing and interpreting every transaction captured into accounting system.

# 6

Advise and Updates

  • We will highlight to you if there are any important accounting points that your business needs to take notes on.
  • Keep in touch via phone calls, emails, virtual meetings and even face-to-face meetings to keep you update on your business financial status.